Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So yesterday I read about the incident on sunday morning in the George Anne newspaper. Apparently the Statesboro Police did not arrest anyone because people were fleeing the scene. However, they did come up with two suspects but are still investigating. Also, the police said they found bags of marijuana in the hallway of the apartment complex. All in all this was a contained crisis. Like I previously mentioned, no one knew about this unless they were first hand witnesses. And the "still investigating" comment seemed to be used to avoid further questions from journalists or other media.

Monday, March 9, 2009

So this past Saturday night my friends and I were walking to a party in Universiyt Pines, after realizing is wasn't much of a party we decided to walk home. ON our way home we passed a party that had been goin on in Cambridge. We noticed commotion and people running. The next thing we heard was a "pop"! Yes, a gun was fired. We ran across the street back to my house scared and watching police car after police car arrive on the scene. So now a few days later no one has heard of this incident, except for the people that were there. Statesboro Police have contained this incident very well. I am not sure if Cambridge Apts. put out a statement to the residents but I am waiting to hear more.