Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Georgia Southern's Eagle Print Shop

After visiting my University's Print Shop I realized the first and most important step you can take before getting materials printed is establishing a relationship with your fellow print shop employees.

List of the tips shared by Eagle Print Shop Manager Brenda Aytes: How to Prepare Printed Materials
  • Meet and greet your local Print Shop: If you are working in PR, you will most likely be printing many materials on a regular basis
  • Know how to speak "Print Language" (80-lb. glossy paper, 8.5×11, printed duplex in color): Working with your printer you should learn how to convey what you want in their terms 
  • Work with the printers to provide a file in the correct format (PDF, JPEG, etc)
  • Have an idea of what you want your finished publication to look like
  • Give time for your publication to be printed & allow time to fix errors
  • DO NOT copy and paste Logos off the Internet and use for a publication. These symbols are COPYRIGHTED and the consequences are greater than one could imagine
  • Images appear clearer when they are a minimum of 300 dpi dots per inch( most photos off the internet are not quality)
  • High resolution is the best quality for an Image

Something interesting that Brenda Aytes shared with my Strategic Publication class was the reason why copy and pasting pictures off the Internet do not come out so well. The orginal creators do not want these to be used. And to make sure of this, when you copy and paste a picture off the Internet and enlarge it, the pixels are spaced out. If you can enlarge it enough, there will be small messages between the pixels of the image. They most likely say " Do Not Reproduce", but you should find the secret messages on your own.


Remember the printed part is what your audience will take home and remember!

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