Sunday, April 26, 2009

I recently read that a UGA professor killed 3 students. However, the information was micommunicated because a few days later the "real" story was revealed. The professor gunned down his ex-wife and two men outside a theater near campus Saturday and fled in his Jeep after dropping off his children with a neighbor, police said. With all of the murders that have happened in the past at colleges and schools, this is going to be a huge crisis for UGA. The prodromes should have enabled them to be prepared for something like this. Though you could not have expected this from the professor who was described as quiet, introverted and a well-respected marketing professor at the university in Athens, crime on university grounds is not uncommon. I am looking forward to seeing what UGA does to deal with this incident. As far as I know they have no released any statements concerning this. Hopefully, they will put their crisis communication plan into effect ASAP.

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