Saturday, May 9, 2009

After reading a bizarre story on the internet the other day, I read that a 17 year old girl was arrested for using profanity on the phone when she called 911 to let them know her father was having a seizure. The call was recorded and the girl began to swear even before the operator talked. The operator was a police officer veteran of 20 yrs. The girl began to say, please send a **** ambulance and the officer said you need to stop swearing at an official. And she continued to swear because she was panicking. Then the officer proceeded to swear back at her calling her names and then hung up on her, without ever asking why she needed an ambulance. The girl then went down to the station and he arrested her calling her the girl with the foul mouth. However, there is no such violation. Her father ended up receiving help and was ok. The officer was only suspended without pay for 2 weeks and had to take training classes. After the news spoke with the sheriff, he said he would not fire him for something "minor" like this. I found this to be a negative image of this local police. They could have had a better statement to why they did not fire him.

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