Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Segmenting Publics

The Minority Advisement Program (MAP), located in the Multicultural Student Center is a great example of segmenting publics. Much like that of a "target market" in marketing. However there is a difference.
Excellence in Public Relations and Communications Management by James E. Grunig explains that the distinctions between publics and markets is important for understanding the nature of publics. Organizations can choose their markets, but publics arise on their own and choose the organization for attention.
The MAP program is directed at minorities on campus. MAP embraces racial and cultural diversity. Though it is not limited to your ethnicity or race. MAP focuses on providing students with a strong foundation to become well rounded and accepting of diversity, not only on Georgia Southern’s campus, but in life.
  • When creating a brochure for this program it would best to insert pictures of diverse students to immediately capture the attention of many different people. The design of the brochure should also reach out to cultures, possibly the use of bold colors or even flags from different countries could be incorporated.
For more information about this topic please visit this website with articles from magazine Public Relations Quarterly Segmenting Publics

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