Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kanye & Swift Publicity Stunt????

It has recently been brought to my attention that rapper Kanye West's Publicist and Singer Taylor Swift's publicist both work in the same agency!!! This is very odd considering how much buzz this incident got after the VMA's. Was this incident fabricated to raise album sales and ratings? I believe it was. First of all, Kanye West is already known to say things that are a bit outlandish; remember what was said about former president Bush. So it would not be out of the ordinary to set him up to say something else outrageous. People would just think, " There goes Kanye again."  Second, Taylor Swift is not that known and has been on tour for the last year to get herself out there. What a great way for her to be recognized. And third, Jay Z was defending Kanye West. He just came out with his Blueprint album. How ironic...Both of these celebrities received talk show time and their names have been circulating for a while now. If this was a publicity stunt it was greatly arranged. Everyone felt for poor Taylor and everyone else always thought Kanye was rude anyways. How is that for PR

And even Beyonce was seen as a heroine, letting little Taylor finish her speech. Maybe her publicist had a part in it too. Don't we all just love B!

Click here to see an interview with Taylor after being questioned about Kanye's tactics Uneasy Taylor

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