Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Language of the Image" Poynter NewsU

Below is a summary of a course that I took from the News University: Training for Journalists website......

PhototypesWhen a photographer thinks in a visual language, photos become more informational
  •    Informational- Offers nothing more than identification value and has no redeeming story telling     qualities
                  -Nothing more than a visual record of a person, place or thing

  •    Passive - People who's essential purpose is to have their photo taken for publication
                  - Can be effective story telling tools
  •   Active - Show real people involved in real events in real time
                 -Brings insight of documentary photojournalism

Single Elements The relationship between the lines, shapes, and forms produces an aesthetically pleasing
visual presentation

Multiple Elements  Utilizing more than one element to enhance the story-telling capabilities such as using light for impact

"This shutter effect creates a toy-like effect of this city"


  • Quality of light

  • Layering

  • Mood

  • Sense of Place

  • Emotion

 Different Approach

There are different emotions that you can capture to create two separate images of the same thing. The birth of a baby can capture the mood of the father and his expression of becoming a father OR you could capture the baby as the main element dipicting new life.

I learned that photographers and journalists must take the time to work together to produce the best picture for a story. A picture is not something to be considered an unimportant when it comes to writing an article. Its expression can relay more than just colors, or objects, or people. Photos are also able to communicate more than one message. Photographs relay feelings, emotions, and have the ability to freeze the mood in time.

I was surprised at the number of single elements there are. Graphics, quality of light, emotion, juxtaposition, point of entry and rule of thirds are not even half of them. Before reading Language of the Image I did not know how much effect photography has. The strength of a photo is really worth more than a thousand words. I have more respect for photographers, and will be looking more closely at the pictures I see in newspapers and magazines.

I would like to know more about which types of cameras that are used to produce different quality of pictures.The layering and shutter techniques intriged me the most.

For Basic Photography Techniques click YourOwnPhotography

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